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Neolithic Revolution: Why it Was Important January 27, 2009

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The Neolithic Revolution was important because around 11,000 years ago they started something completely new for their society. They had learned how to farm resulting in wtih the people living in a permanent residence rather than being nomadic, moving from place to place in serch of food. They had realized that with the excess seeds from the plants and fruits that with the sun and the rain that it eventually started growing plants and fruits. The farmers then developed a new range of tools and skills. All of this resulting in the New Stone Age, or The Neolithic age. With the Neolithic revolution, people learned how to domesticate the animals, which had provided them with food. The changes that the Neolithic revolution had on the people was that it made the farmers and the other people food producers resulting in a growth in population which led to more human interaction and human communities. Then later in the 1700s was there uch of a difference in the way that people lived. For these reason it is why that the Neolithic Revolution was so important to the way that we live now.