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Is The Mummy Really Nefertiti? Why or why not? That is the question. January 28, 2009

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Nefertiti. Where is her tomb? Was she murdered? What happened to her?Why did she disappear?

She was the most powerful women in the world. She marries a Pharaoh by the name of Akhenaton and becomes one with him, equal. She birth’s 6 beautiful girls and one step son. She ruled the most powerful empire known to man. Then she all-of-a-sudden disappears. In year 14 many people beleive that she had disappeared due to the reasoning that she had gotten the plague. Now everyone is asking what happened to her? Well according to Joann Fletcher, she believes that she has found the tomb of Nefertiti. In 1898 and Frenchman had stumbled across a hidden tomb and had found three mummies and a wig the tomb was called KV-35 and contains four sided chambers in which one of them was lost. Joann had gone to a museum and had seen the wig and had noticed that the way that the wig was made was normally for royal women aroung 1200-1300 B.C., around Nefertiti’s time. So she then goes to the tomb and examined the mummies, but then when she first sees them she realizes that it will be difficult to identify the mummies because normally mummies are wrapped with the name on the bangage. However, for Nefertiti that was not the case. When Joann observes the mummy she sees that it is unwrapped so it has no name, and that it is severly damaged.  She believes that the the other mummies in the tomb with Nefertiti whom she believes to be Nefertiti”s her brother in-law and her mother in-law. Joann is convinced that the other mummy is Nefertiti because it has many attributes just like Nefertiti. The mummy has two piercings in the ear just like Nefertiti did and Neferititi had a long neck just like the mummy does. The mummy is bald and by the way that the head looks Joann seems to believe that the mummy had to be royal because she must have worn something on her head that was tight because the mummy showed the lining of the hat that Nefertiti must’ve worn. Later in the investigating process Joann and many different scientists get the chance to use very advance technology using X-rays to see the mummy. The first thing that they found using this technology was that they have finally clarified that the mummy is in fact a female. They then find jewels in the chest area of the mummy and identify the jewls to be Nefer beads which are worn by Amanan royalty. Joann then finds a 12 cm cut on the ribcage and wonders if it was before or after she was dead. As Joann was exploring the mummy more, in between the legs of the mummy she finds an arm and believes that it could possibly be the real arm that was once broken off of Nefertiti. As Joann tries to put back together as a jigsaw puzzle she notices it that the arm was bent, which symbolizes a pharaoh.

 But ’til this day nobody really knows if the mummy really belongs to Nefertiti. A s for me i believes that it does because all of the clues fit together to make the mummy Queen Nefertiti.