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Who were the Spartans? March 12, 2009

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Who are the Spartans? That is the question.

The Spartans contained a total of the 300 warriors around 480 B.C.; with Xerxes coming over to Ancient Greece .

Leonitus is the so called commander-in chief for the Spartans in Ancient Greece.

In the Spartan society the newborn baby must be examined by an official to find out if one is allowed to live within the sociey. At age seven every boy is is taken from their family into themilitary and were trained to kill. They would train for a total of 12 yearsand in their training they were taught not to cry when they got hurt n too suck it up, so to say. As thier weapons in their early teens they would use wooden swords. They then would havea final test in which the boy would have to sneak out of their barracks and were to strangle a helot, a slave that dies int he hands of a trainee. You would either win in battle or die. The women were also taught how to fight in case of a warrior treid to take a wife or rape her.

The Spartans were also very committed to the oracle.

When the Sparts would go into battle they would use protective garments such as, a haplan, a Persian bow, a lamellar, a dory, and a xiphos. A haplan is a shelid used by the Spartans that weighed 20 lbs., and was used for protection. The Persian bow is also another weapon that they used to block the sun and to hurt the other persians. They also wore a thick, heavy piece of linen to protect their chest known as the lamellar. One of their weapons is was the dory, a six to nine foot long spear and if they had lost that in battle then they would use a sword, also called xiphos.


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